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Rafael  Nadal

Currently World No. 2 Rafael Nadal hails from Mallorca, Spain and is considered as one of the Greatest Tennis player ever to lift a tennis racket. Rafa Nadal has won 86 ATP Titles.

Rafael Nadal turned pro in 2001 and won his first Grandslam title at Roland Garros in 2005.

He Holds the record of the most Title at a single tournament at Roland Garros(13), Barcelona(11) and Monte Carlo(11).

Grandslam Titles: 20
W/L : 1004:204



Roger  Federer

Currently World No. 5, Roger Federer AKA Rotchii hails from Basel, Switzerland and is considered to be the Greatest of all time. Roger has a total of 103 ATP titles.

Roger Federer holds the record of the most titles won at Wimbledon(8) and Halle(10).

Federer holds the records for both the most total weeks at No. 1 (310) and most consecutive weeks at No. 1 (237)

He stands No.1 at stands 2nd in all time at most titles won.

Grandslam Titles: 20
W/L : 1242–271


Rafa-Roger rivalry is the best rivalry of all time not only in Tennis but in all contemporary sports. Both Rafa & Roger are good friends off the court but when it comes to On-Court.






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