Roger Federer RF LOGO

 Roger Federer RF LOGO. The hallmark of Roger Federer the ‘RF’ was missing from his attire since he made a switch from Nike to Uniqlo in 2018. After signing the lucrative US $300 million deal with Uniqlo, the Swiss maestro had to let go of his initials.

It disappointed him as wells as his fans. He couldn’t own his logo as his older sponsors Nike possessed the license for that. Federer constantly kept saying it would come back to him at some point in his career, and now, finally, the ‘RF’ badge is returning to the place where it belongs.

Federer’s manager Tony Godsick mentioned the Swiss champ has claimed the rights for the ‘RF’ logo and it will in use anytime soon.

 “We are getting the logo back very soon, very soon,” 

Godsick stated.

In July 2018, Federer made the surprise switch from Nike to Uniqlo in a deal worth a reported $300million over 10 years. Speculation quickly rose surrounding Federer’s signature “RF” logo that appeared on his Nike products.

The 38-year-old athlete previously claimed the logo was his, and it was expected that Uniqlo would adopt the “RF” branding.

Roger Federer RF LOGO

Roger Federer RF LOGO

Roger Federer is insisted to take back his famous logo because it’s his symbol but the problem is Nike was registered the “RF” Logo as a trademark and owned the rights to it Nike had already stopped selling Federer’s clothing in their stores all over the world for now.

“It’s also something that was very important for me, for the fans really. Look, it’s the process. But the good news is that it will come with me at one point. They are my initials. They are mine. The good thing is it’s not theirs forever,” he added. 

And after an 18-month-long wait, the logo is finally back on Roger’s chest.

After’s Federer’s transition to Uniqlo, the American sports brand Nike continued to serve him with footwear as the Japanese apparel giant do not manufacture tennis shoes. All these years, Federer’s shoes bore his ‘RF’ emblem.





Source: Essential Sports


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